Support FAQ

Please Note: Our Support/FAQ section is currently undergoing updates to reflect information on the current site. Not all answers may be up to date. We are working to update our entire FAQ as soon as possible!


Question: How do I get a user name and password?


Once on the home page of, look for the yellow box on the far right and follow the instructions from there or click on the following link:

Question: What if I've lost or forgotten my password? How can I retrieve it?


There is a password retrieval form on our login page. That can be found here:

Question: It says that my account will be disabled if it is accessed from too many locations during a given day. Does this mean I can or can’t share my password?


In general, you should not share your passwords with anyone.
In order to protect our online users, we will disable your account if it appears that someone else has gotten your account information. We do this by tracking IP address numbers. If your account is disabled, please leave a message for our online department at 570-387-1234 extension 1932 so that we can enable your account. You will then be able to log in and change your password.

Question: How do I change my password?


Once you are logged into our website, you will see a link on the right-hand side in the Welcome Box that says "Change Password". Click on this link and you can change your password on the following page. You will need to type the password in twice to confirm the new password.


Question: Where can I sign up for a Press Enterprise Online Edition subscription?

Answer: An Online Edition subscription may be purchased in lengths of one week, four weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks, and 52 weeks, all payable online via credit card. You must have an account and be logged int on our website. Once you are logged in you can click on My Account at the top right of any page or follow this link:

Question: How much does an Online Subscription cost?


One week subscription: $4.95
4 week subscription: $9.95
13 week subscription: $28.95
26 week subscription: $56.95
52 week subscription: $99.95

Question: My son/daughter is away at college and I'd like to be able to let them view the Press Enterprise Online Edition from school. How can I do this?


They can purchase an Online Edition subscription from our site using a credit card, by downloading the our Online Edition subscription form and sending a check, or by stopping by one of our offices. Please note that your account can only be accessed from a few unique locations each day.


Question: I already have a Press Enterprise Print Edition subscription. How can I get an Online Edition subscription as well?


We have combo rates available at a significant savings from buying a print and online subscription separately. Call our office to upgrade your account to a MyPEAnywhere membership.
4 week membership: $19.95
13 week membership: $54.95
26 week membership: $99.95
52 week membership: $179.95

Question: I'm trying to enter my credit card information to purchase an online subscription, but what is the 'CSC' Block on my Credit Card?

Answer: Due to the amount of credit card fraud over the internet, banks will soon REQUIRE this information to process credit card orders online - you can expect to see it used everywhere in the very near future. Your benefit is that it prevents any fraudulent charges using your credit card, i.e. no one can pick up an old receipt of yours and use that info to fraudulently use your credit card. You can find your CSC number here:

Question: Can I purchase a subscription in a manner other than using my Credit Card online? Perhaps with a check or by cash?


Yes. You can either call our offices from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday to set up your account over the phone using your Credit Card or download our mail-in form and send a check to the address on the form. Walk-in subscriptions are also available if a cash payment is your only payment method. Get the mail-in form here:


Question: For problems logging in or technology concerns, who do I call?


Our computer department has a voicemail box at (570) 387-1234 extension 1932.

Question: I’ve clicked on the page to try and download it, but I get an error message. How do I download the page?


You’ll need Adobe Reader, if you don’t already have it. It’s a free download located at