Published: September 14, 2018

TREASURE HUNT: 6-8-10-14-25 MIDDAY PICK TWO: 5-4, Wild: 2 MIDDAY PICK THREE: 8-1-7, Wild: 2 MIDDAY PICK FOUR: 9-4-5-3, Wild: 2 MIDDAY PICK FIVE: 2-5-4-...
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Breaking NewsMasonic Building is coming down

UPDATED 12:37pm - BERWICK — The building that partially collapsed on Wednesday is...

Front PageProbe delays demolition

Lawyer acts for injured girl’s family

Front PageBike crash claims rider

Man, 23, was on way to a wedding on Saturday in Bloomsburg

Front PageSpared teen grateful, concerned

An 18-year-old caught in the rubble of a collapsing building said he’...

Front PageBerwick family flees fire

Son smelled smoke in attic, called parents downstairs