No flood worries right now, but watch out for drifts

Last updated: March 14, 2017 - 1:47pm

Harry Dobin, Long Island, New York, clears the snow from the roof of his car on Third Street in Bloomsburg Tuesday morning. (Press Enterprise/Keith Haupt)

There's an awful lot of water coming from the sky right now. In a floodprone region, that could be cause for concern.

But weather forecasts for the coming week point to a gradual meltdown that should ease any flooding concerns, EMA officials say.

Water levels by Friday show both Susquehanna River and Fishing Creek staying well below flood stages – at 4 feet and 3.5 feet, respectively.

It begins to flood in the Bloomsburg area when the river hits 17 feet or higher, while the creek begins to spill its banks at about 8 feet or more.

"Right now, we're not expecting any massive warmup that could lead to water issues." said Jennifer Long, Columbia County's deputy emergency management coordinator.

"Temperatures are expected to be around 27 degrees, 31 degrees, 37 degrees over the next few days. So that should mean a gradual melt. Unless the weather suddenly changes," Long said.

Accumulations of 18-24 inches of snow with some drifting due to gusting winds could still pose travel problems, especially on back roads, she said.

Motorists are reminded to use caution when driving through the rest of the week.


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