Police seek stolen van

Last updated: June 8, 2017 - 2:50pm

A van similar to this one was stolen from Home Depot on Tuesday. (Image courtesy Hemlock Township Police)

BUCKHORN — A woman delivering plants and trees to Home Depot had her van stolen by a man police say may still have it in the area.

Michelle Decker of New Jersey had stopped at the home improvement store on Tuesday around 12:15 p.m. to deliver plants to the garden area in a white 2013 Ford Transit van bearing Connecticut registration 45090, police say. After delivering the trees and plants, Decker took her wallet and went inside Home Depot to make some personal purchases.

She left her keys, her purse, her iPad and her inventory of plants and trees behind in the unlocked  Clinton Nurseries van, police say.

Shortly after Decker left the van, a white man in a black T-shirt and shorts crossed the parking lot and jumped into the van and drove it away, surveillance video shows. He appeared in his 20s and 30s and had short hair.

Witness Fred Parr said he tried to stop the van, but the driver sped off without slowing, making a right-hand turn onto Buckhorn Road and heading north.

When Decker came back out, she called police.

They searched the area, but couldn't spot the van.

Then, Wednesday, police received a call from a home on Robbins Road in Mount Pleasant Township saying someone had found an iPad alongside Robbins Road, which turned out to be the one owned by Decker.

Chief Mike Van Dine said that could mean that whoever took the van parked it on a local road.

"It should stand out as it is a white Ford Transit van with Connecticut plates, full of plants and trees, at least at the time of the theft," he said.

Anyone with information can call Hemlock Township police at 570-784-6543, or by calling Columbia County Communications at 570-784-6300.

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