Snow messes with school schedule again

Last updated: January 17, 2018 - 9:16am

A storm that lasted into the night has many roads a mess this morning, and many schools are delaying their opening or closed for a second day. Here's a list:

• Benton Area, CLOSED

• Berwick Area, CLOSED

• Bloomsburg Area, CLOSED

• Central Columbia, CLOSED, offices open at 10

• Columbia County Christian, CLOSED, learning center open

• Columbia Montour Vo-Tech, CLOSED

• Danville Area, CLOSED

• East Lycoming, CLOSED

Luzerne County Community College, CLOSED

• Millville, CLOSED

Mount Carmel, CLOSED

North Schuylkill, CLOSED

Northwest, CLOSED

• St. Columba, Bloomsburg, CLOSED

Southern Columbia, CLOSED

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