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Found: Domestic floppy eared rabbit in the vic. of Danville. Call to ID and claim, 570-271-0926

LOST CAT “PERCY” is all black, short hair, neutered, and wearing a small collar with a bell. He has six toes on each front paw. Missing since Sept. 14th, Vic. of Swan Road, Millville. No picture available. If found or seen call 570-458-4699, lv. msg.

Lost Male Cat Named Baxter missing since September 14th Big, beautiful brown male cat with black stripes, long-haired and fluffy tail. Very shy. Vic. of Frosty Valley Rd. between Bloomsburg & Danville. If seen or found please call 570-594-5478

Missing Cat! Named “Cinder” No collar, not micro-chipped, not fixed. Missing in the Millville area next to OIP. Grey with a small white spot on her chest bone. She also looks shaved like from a recent grooming so has shorter hair along her back and belly and part of her tail. Face hair is longer legs and end of tail. Friendly and will come to any kind of food most likely. She's our baby and we want to get her home safely. Please call if seen or found, leave msg. if no answer. 570-594-7883

Missing Cat! Named Cinder. No collar, not microchipped or fixed. Missing from Millville next to OIP. Grey with a small white spot on chest. Shorter hair on back & belly, friendly, will come to food. We want to get our baby home safely. Call 570-594-7883, lv. msg.

Mona is lost! Young female cat missing from corner of W. Front and Poplar St. in Berwick. Tortoiseshell colored with half brown, half black chin. Very friendly. Named Mona. Please call 570-317-0577 or 570-706-0178 if found.

Sasha is LOST! She’s a 13-year-old female beagle and got loose on Wednesday September 21 around 17th and Vine Sts. in Berwick. If seen please call 570-520-5902.