Published: March 20, 2017

TREASURE HUNT: 01-05-22-25-28 MIDDAY PICK TWO: 7-4, Wild: 9 MIDDAY PICK THREE: 6-4-2, Wild: 9 MIDDAY PICK FOUR: 2-5-3-8, Wild: 9 MIDDAY PICK FIVE: 4-5-...
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Florida man facing attempted murder charge in Danville

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Congressman touts state gas reserves, coal for energy

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With signs in their hands and duct tape over their mouths, a group of...

Front PageDozens of farms are to be inspected annually in conservation effort

About 37 farms a year will be inspected by the Columbia County...

Front PageOfficers: Motorcyclist on meth led low-speed chase

California native crashed in Berwick, authorities report