Published: December 16, 2017

TREASURE HUNT: 9-10-14-22-28 MIDDAY PICK TWO: 3-6, Wild: 9 MIDDAY PICK THREE: 8-1-7, Wild: 9 MIDDAY PICK FOUR: 6-4-7-8, Wild: 9 MIDDAY PICK FIVE: 1-4-2...
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The Latest

Front PageCops: Man hog-tied after fight

Brawl at Berwick bar led to charges and cell for two suspects, police say

Front PagePPL pays $10.6M for 109 acres

$97G-per-acre price for tree farm land near Catawissa stuns official

Front PagePolice: Gas lit deadly blaze

Riverside-area man, 51, fixing snowmobile in barn, say fire officials

Front PageBrothers seek compensation for injuries in deadly accident

Family of late couple blames van driver for crash on I-80

Front PagePolice: Man damaged electronics in pizzeria

A Berwick man damaged a computer touchscreen monitor at a pizza shop...