The PE Sneak Peek: Dec. 12, 2013
Posted: December 12, 2013 - 3:31pm

Here’s a look at the stories that are keeping our reporters busy Thursday:

• A woman is found dead, and police consider it "suspicious." See our online report.

• A man sent underage drinkers scurrying to hide in his attic when police showed up, charges say.

• A former Bloomsburg Fair president tries a comeback, challenging the man who took the post away from him. Read what we have on the story so far.

• They picked the wrong place to park, police say: Two face drug charges after they’re found passed out in a car outside Dunkin’ Donuts.

• The penalties top $800 for a man charged with hiding from police after a crash.

Look for these stories and more in tomorrow’s edition of the Press Enterprise.

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