BU looking into possum pics

Last updated: November 1, 2017 - 6:52pm

This is a compilation of three photos posted to Twitter by user @emmyhns. The name of a Bloomsburg University student, Morgan Ehrenzeller, appears in the corner of each image.

UPDATE: The Pennsylvania Game Commission plans to file charges in the case of an opossum being doused in beer, officials say.

BLOOMSBURG — A Bloomsburg University student’s Snapchat images, purportedly showing a group of young men abusing a possum at a party this weekend, are spreading on social media.

On Twitter, BU acknowledged that the dean of students had already been alerted and was in the process of contacting Morgan Ehrenzeller, whose name appears in the corner of the images being shared on Facebook and on other platforms.

The university asked anyone who knew the identities of any others involved to get in touch.

Meanwhile, Bloomsburg Police started fielding phone calls Monday morning about the alleged incident, they said.

By early afternoon, they’d received nearly half a dozen tips, but directed calls to the Game Commission, which handles cases of animal cruelty.

The images appear to show the possum being doused in beer, kissed, and discarded in a bin, but other than the thick green siding on the house behind the young men involved, it’s unclear where the images were taken, when it occurred, and if the possum survived.

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