New ride headed to Knoebels

Last updated: January 9, 2020 - 5:13pm

ELYSBURG — Knoebels will unveil a new ride for 2020 that will allow passengers to use their own muscle to help power cars. 

The 32-passenger ride, Tornado, is expected to be up and running for the park’s April 25 opening day, according to park spokesperson Stacy Ososkie. 

Tornado will be located near the StratosFEAR drop tower ride and Kreeper’s Pumpkin Patch game.

“Eight cars hold four passengers each in individual seats facing the inside of the car,” Ososkie explained. “Once the ride reaches speed moving in a circle, it tilts 20 degrees and lifts the cars up to 15 feet from ground level.”

Ososkie said Colorado-based Wisdom Rides of America is manufacturing Tornado and will ship the ride in pieces in time for this year’s season. 

Riders on Tornado must be at least 3 feet, 2 inches tall to ride with an adult, and 4 feet tall to ride alone. 

“Controlling part of a ride provides a really unique and exciting experience,” park President Dick Knoebel said. 

“Riders will be able to spin the cars of our new ride themselves, choosing their thrill level.”

Knoebels will see another significant change with the removal of 1001 Nacht, which debuted at the park in 1998. 

The ride, which took riders to heights of 85 feet, will not operate during the upcoming season.

“The ride is nearing the end of its operational life and ridership isn’t strong, meaning it makes sense for us to remove it to help with future planning for the park,” Ososkie said.

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