Police: Crime "banned" in Danville until cold snap breaks

Last updated: January 29, 2019 - 4:59pm

DANVILLE — In a tongue–in–cheek Facebook post, the Danville Borough Police department has banned all traffic violations and crime until this wintry cold snap breaks.

“Due to the extreme cold and wintry weather forecast for the next couple of days, and in an effort to keep everyone out of the frigid temperatures; all criminal activity and violations of the vehicle code will be prohibited until further notice,” wrote the police department in a post Tuesday night.

“Once the weather breaks, we will notify you when you may resume illegal activities. This notice will come as registered mail or by carrier pigeon. Please do not resume any illegal activity until you receive notice,” it continued.

Officers at the station Tuesday night didn’t take credit for the post. They said it was taken from another police department. Similar “bans” have been instituted in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Noblesville, Indiana, according to media reports.

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