New Press Enterprise Website Launches

You've noticed by now that looks different today. The new design is just the beginning of the changes you'll be seeing on the site over the coming months. You can also expect faster PDF downloads, if that's how you prefer your paper. Some of you are familiar with this new look from our beta tests, which several hundred of you took the time to visit in recent weeks. Inside the Top Stories box, you'll see some of our top headlines in that day's paper. But this is also where you'll be able to find breaking news updates and other timely stories. It's where you can look during the afternoon or evening to find out what we're working on for tomorrow. And as you have already discovered, it's where you'll find updates about new features and changes coming to You'll also notice we've begun to include some of our photographers' work on the website. What you now see below our feature photo and Top Stories box is an updated version of what's you've always seen on the site: a long scroll of headlines and page images. Some of you like that. Some of you decidedly don't. For those who do, we plan to keep the scroll as a way to view the paper. But we'll also be offering more - giving you quicker ways to get to the stories you want to read. We'll be rolling out more photos, more ways to navigate the site and other features in the weeks to come. You also now have access to stories published over the past 30 days, rather than just the past seven. You can get to them by using our Archive link near the top of the site. Some of you took the time to share your thoughts on the new look during our beta testing. You brought glitches to our attention, and you offered suggestions to improve the site. We appreciate your feedback. If you have any suggestions for the site, please visit our Feedback Form!