New Website: Day Two

After going live with our new site yesterday, we took in all of the feedback our visitors gave us and have worked on a few key issues on the site. One of which was making it clearer whether users were logged in and once logged in, where to download their PDFs. We've added "Login to Download" links in areas where, once logged in, you'll see the link to download a PDF. Also, a number of our support issues yesterday were subscribers using old Bookmarks or Favorites. If you have a shortcut like this that you regularly visit our site with and you're getting a "Page not found" error, you'll want to update that shortcut or delete it and create a new one. We're also working on a number of other improvements based on visitor feedback that we are working on integrating by next week. We want to thank all of our subscribers for their patience with the update and we appreciate your feedback. Happy Thanksgiving and we hope everyone enjoys their holiday!