Birthday Kids

There are a few ways to get your children's pictures in the paper, free of charge, to celebrate their first through 12th birthdays.

You can fill out the online form below and upload a picture (JPEG format please).

Or you may also download this printable form and mail it along with a photo to:

Linda Dancho, Birthday Kids
c/o Press Enterprise Inc.
3185 Lackawanna Ave.
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

You can also drop off the form and photo at our Berwick or Scott Township offices.

Call Linda with any questions at 570-387-1234, ext. 1303.

Please note: Photos and information must be submitted early enough so publication is within two weeks of the birthday. To be eligible, birthday photos with information should be received by Wednesday to be included in Monday’s edition.

If you are looking for the Press Enterprise in Riverside, California, please go to their website here:
Please choose a close-up, solo shot of the birthday kid's head and shoulders. Avoid group shots. File must be less than 5MB and must be a jpg or png.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.
The age the birthday kid will turn.
Please include grandparents' town of residence and relation to the birthday kid (ex. Betty Anyone, Berwick, grandmother; Jack Anyone, Canton, Ohio, grandfather) Also please individually note any deceased grandparents.
Please include great-grandparents' town of residence and relation to the birthday kid (ex. Betty Anyone, Berwick, great-grandmother; Jack Anyone, Canton, Ohio, great-grandfather) Also please individually note any deceased great-grandparents.
Please include siblings' first name and age (ex. Tim, 7, brother; Anna, 4, sister)
This information is only used for questions or issues regarding this submission and confirmation.
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