Website News & Updates

First Week of Launch

We would like to extend our thanks to you, our readers, during what has at times been a bumpy transition for the new online edition. Some of you were frustrated when the site encountered problems and could not deliver the news early Sunday morning, but we've added additional safeguards to the automated process to help keep it from happening again. Because of your invaluable feedback, we've been able to continue improving the site in the week since it launched. We heard your concerns about the PDF download and identified a problem with our PDF host early on and we will continue to take your suggestions into consideration moving forward. We can't stress enough how much we appreciate your patience as we continue to upgrade our website and enhance your reading experience with new features in the near future, like breaking news and photo galleries. As always, please leave us your comments and suggestions on our Feedback Form. And thanks for reading!

Corrupt graphic on today's Page 24 (Updated)

We've corrected a corrupt graphic in page 24 of today's edition that caused the PDF to stop loading past page 23 in some versions of Adobe Acrobat. If you had a problem with today's PDF, please feel free to re-download our complete edition and/or page 24. Thank you to our subscribers who helped us identify this problem today! Update: The corrupt graphic also appeared in on Page 20 yesterday. If you had problems with yesterday's PDF as well, you can re-download that in our Archive. Update #2: We're also looking into an issue with Adobe Reader failing to load some PDFs with a specific setting on:In Acrobat Reader, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Internet and uncheck Display PDF in BrowserWe will publish more on that issue as we investigate further.

New Website: Day Two

After going live with our new site yesterday, we took in all of the feedback our visitors gave us and have worked on a few key issues on the site. One of which was making it clearer whether users were logged in and once logged in, where to download their PDFs. We've added "Login to Download" links in areas where, once logged in, you'll see the link to download a PDF. Also, a number of our support issues yesterday were subscribers using old Bookmarks or Favorites. If you have a shortcut like this that you regularly visit our site with and you're getting a "Page not found" error, you'll want to update that shortcut or delete it and create a new one. We're also working on a number of other improvements based on visitor feedback that we are working on integrating by next week. We want to thank all of our subscribers for their patience with the update and we appreciate your feedback. Happy Thanksgiving and we hope everyone enjoys their holiday!

New Press Enterprise Website Launches

You've noticed by now that looks different today. The new design is just the beginning of the changes you'll be seeing on the site over the coming months. You can also expect faster PDF downloads, if that's how you prefer your paper. Some of you are familiar with this new look from our beta tests, which several hundred of you took the time to visit in recent weeks. Inside the Top Stories box, you'll see some of our top headlines in that day's paper. But this is also where you'll be able to find breaking news updates and other timely stories. It's where you can look during the afternoon or evening to find out what we're working on for tomorrow. And as you have already discovered, it's where you'll find updates about new features and changes coming to You'll also notice we've begun to include some of our photographers' work on the website. What you now see below our feature photo and Top Stories box is an updated version of what's you've always seen on the site: a long scroll of headlines and page images. Some of you like that. Some of you decidedly don't. For those who do, we plan to keep the scroll as a way to view the paper. But we'll also be offering more - giving you quicker ways to get to the stories you want to read. We'll be rolling out more photos, more ways to navigate the site and other features in the weeks to come. You also now have access to stories published over the past 30 days, rather than just the past seven. You can get to them by using our Archive link near the top of the site. Some of you took the time to share your thoughts on the new look during our beta testing. You brought glitches to our attention, and you offered suggestions to improve the site. We appreciate your feedback. If you have any suggestions for the site, please visit our Feedback Form!

Local Sports Listing & Download Speeds

By popular request, we've added a listing for our Local Sports Stories in the Quick Links section of the home page. We are aware that there are some known headline issues in this category and are working on correcting this as soon as possible! We're also interested in hearing about your PDF download speeds on the new site in comparison to our old site. Our new Beta Website has a great deal more dedicated bandwidth available which should be noticeable to most of our users. Please be sure to let us know on our Feedback Form!

New Story Views: By Author and By Town

We are excited to announce that our Beta Website is back up and ready for your feedback! Please spread the word and checkout our site at:

With this beta test, we've introduced new ways to view our stories: By Author and By Town. These views are still works-in-progress, but they are just some of our new features we're excited to be rolling out.

We're also working on expanding the archive dates on the beta site. Look for this update this week.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!

Beta Testing: October 25-26

We've been able to incorporate many fixes and suggestions from last week's beta website testing. Thank you again to everyone who visited and gave us feedback! Please pass the site URL ( around to your friends and family as today and tomorrow we will be 'stress testing' the new servers to see how they respond to having more readers on the site. Within the next few days, we'll be testing our extended archives so stay tuned. As always, please submit any comments/questions/suggestions to our Beta Feedback Form. We look forward to getting more feedback!

The PressEnterpriseOnline Beta Website

Dear Readers, Thank you for taking the time to check out our PressEnterpriseOnline Beta Website! We're very excited about our new platform and the new ways we'll be able to interact with you, our audience. Because of the broad spectrum of changes, we've decided to launch the site in several phases, introducing new features along the way in the form of this "Beta Website". You can access our beta pages without having to log in, so feel free to share the link with any non-subscriber friends. The beta site does not, however, replace subscriber access, since it may not be updated each day and will sometimes be taken down entirely while we move back into development. Throughout the beta testing process, our current site ( will stay up and running to maintain the current experience for our online subscribers while we transition to our new platform. We are looking forward to hearing your comments, thoughts, suggestions and ideas! What features do you like? Where can we improve? What would you like to see added in the future? While we won't be able to respond to all the feedback received, please be assured that we will read all submitted suggestions and will strive to use them to drive the direction of our new website. Keep in mind that the site is still in development and your feedback can help us shape future updates and changes. Our goal over the next few days will be to test the simplest, yet most widely used, of our features: the display and layout of our daily stories on the homepage. As always, the complete PDF download will be available to subscribers, but in addition, readers will be able to see more information about our stories than they ever have before. The home page as well as our story pages have a new look and feel to them. For now, our beta site will still link back to many of our old site pages (Classifieds, 30 Seconds, etc.), but those will be addressed in a future update. Please use our Beta Website Feedback Form to let us know what you think, and we look forward to hearing from you! Get started with our Beta Website here: - The PressEnterpriseOnline Website Team